The Mac in 2016: Grading our predictions

Closing December, I made a desire listing for the Mac within the coming yr. I hedged approximately whether my listing turned into a gaggle of predictions or just flights of fancy in genuine journalistic style. In truth, it was a chunk of both—I was trying to are expecting 2017 without wishing for matters that appeared absolutely unreasonable. So with that in mind, how did I do? Allow’s appearance again at the desires of 12 months in the past and whether or not they have been dashed or fulfilled for the duration of this hard year for the Mac.

A new call for OS X

In 2015 I encouraged A new call for the Mac operating device a few instances, and with the discharge of watchOS and tvOS, it seemed pretty possible that a renaming–from OS X to macOS–was in the offing. At this point, I read the tea leaves correctly. Q4 Apple launched macOS Sierra, and once more, the software that drives the Mac bears the call Mac as it must be.

A progressed Mac App Shop

You’ll remember that 2015 became a difficult year for the Mac App Keep, so I hoped that 2016 might assist Apple to turn the web page. Especially, I was hopeful that Apple might recognize that the restrictions inside the Mac App Save needed to be loosened, as an admission that the Mac is “basically an extra complex, wealthy device than iOS.”

Nothing quite as terrible occurred to the Mac App Shop in 2016 as in 2015, so the Mac App Keep had a better year on that score. But did it enhance? No longer in reality. The equal vintage problems continue to be. Apple doesn’t seem inquisitive about making the Mac App Shop whatever it’s Now not, nor diverge it to a long way from the iOS App Shop.


Thunderbolt 3, anywhere viable

By way of the second half of 2016, I hoped Apple could have made the Thunderbolt 3 port (which shares plug compatibility with USB-C) a popular problem throughout all new Macs. I got this right. However, I envisioned more of a roll-out that began mid-12 months and persisted thru the autumn.

Things befell a little later than that schedule. The first Thunderbolt three Macs, the brand new MacBook Seasoned fashions, arrived in the fall of 2016. It passed off a piece later than I predicted, But I would bet that we’ve reached a transitional moment for the Mac, and 2017’s Macs are unlikely to provide anything But USB-C or Thunderbolt three ports.

A Retina outside show from Apple

My hope became that Thunderbolt three Macs might be able to use a 5K external show, and that hope has been borne out. The only catch: the 5K display that Apple promotes to be used with those new MacBook Professionals is made Through LG, No longer Apple. I’m going to give myself partial credit for this one, for the reason that Apple worked with LG on the layout of the show and, relying on which rumors you trust, the assignment may also have originally been meant for an Apple-branded display. Both ways, Apple is now flogging a 5K outside display for Thunderbolt three Macs, and that’s an awesome thing.