Today’s Top Stories

Today’s Top Stories

1. Israel has offered asylum to an Iranian-born author who blogged for the Times of Israel from Turkey. Turkish officers sought to deport Neda Amin to Iran, which she had fled years in advance because of her writing on ladies’ troubles. More at Israel HaYom and Reuters. Graet Report Neda Aminfox news stories today

2. An Israeli court docket dominated to revoke the citizenship of a convicted terrorist today. Alaa Ziad from the Arab town of Umm el-Fahm became sentenced to 12 months in the past to twenty-five years in prison for four attempted murders following an October eleven, 2015 terrorist attack, wherein he both ran over and stabbed foot soldiers and civilians, one in every of whom became a 15-year-old girl, at Kibbutz Gan Shmuel near Hadera.

The courtroom ruled on Sunday that Ziad might be granted brief residency during the place of citizenship, which could be renewed occasionally, consistent with the interior minister’s judgment. News breaks speedily. Get HonestReporting signals by using electronic mail CNN breaking news latest news CNN world news breaking news
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3. Concerned about the Islamic State within the Sinai digging tunnels threatening Israeli groups adjacent to the Israel-Egypt-Gaza border, the IDF will construct an underground barrier alongside a 3 km stretch. “Expected to be entirely within one-and-a-1/2 years, the brand new barrier will set Israel to lower back NIS 3.4 billion,” Ynet reports top news of 2014

Gaza Strip  Stories Today’s Top

Israel and the Palestinians

• Israel busted a Hamas cash-laundering ring concerning Turkey, Hebron, and Gaza personnel. The Jerusalem Post explains:

The investigation discovered that $200,000 had been laundered in that way. In addition, the construction of a multi-million dollar concrete plant financed with the aid of Hamas turned into a plan intending to launder extra money.
• PA chief Mahmoud Abbas insisted he’ll preserve economic stress on Hamas.

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• Israel arrested 15 more Palestinians around Japanese Jerusalem last night on suspicion of instigating Temple Mount riots.

• Times of Israel: Senegal and Guinea, two Muslim-majority African states, will send their first-ever envoys to Israel this week.

• Details are scant. However, a small drone from Gaza fell into Israeli territory on Saturday.

• Israel advanced a brand new gadget able to identify explosive devices from afar, reports Ynet.

• I don’t recognize why AP and Reuters waste journalists’ time with cutting-edge artwork acting on the Israeli safety barrier. Is there nothing more vital they may be spending their time on?


Around the World

Kevin Myers• Closing the chapter on Kevin Myers, the embattled Irish columnist, denied he’s an anti-Semite. However, he acknowledged he deserved to be fired for his current observation, noting that two of the BBC’s highest-paid lady presenters are Jewish. See JTA coverage or concentrate on the Myers interview on RTE Radio One.

“It became silly of me, the encapsulation of this sort of complex difficulty in a single sentence,” Myers said, relating to a line in a July 30 column that performed on the stereotype of Jews as difficult bargainers. “One of my flaws is to deal with essential problems with throw-away traces.” In his first remarks at the incident, Myers instructed RTE Radio One that at least “5 or six” different Sunday Times personnel could have overseen the column before it went to print.

“A range of people nodded on responsibility and let something through that shouldn’t have gone thru,” he stated. However, Myers was known as the “writer of his misfortune” and took obligation.

• Roger Waters, the anti-Semitic seasoned BDS rocker now journeying the USA, was denounced in crucial op-eds inside the Philadelphia Inquirer and Nashville Tennessean before upcoming gigs in those two towns. And the Washington Post picked up on a video response to Waters by the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington. I sense that Jewish activists in Newark, Brooklyn, Pittsburgh, and all the different towns on Waters’ Us+Them tour might be taking movement as nicely.

• British Co-op banned from four US states over BDS guidelines. Florida, Illinois, New York, and Arizona have implemented the prescriptions in opposition to the Co-op, which has suffered a sequence of controversies considering adopting its coverage five years ago. Co-op supermarkets in Britain have refused to stock merchandise from Israeli West Bank settlements since 2009. The scope was prolonged in 2012 to encompass barring any engagement with Israeli providers regarding working with the payments.

• Australian Jews are in arms after a nearby Council shot down plans for a new Sydney synagogue, citing fears of a likely terror assault. Jewish leaders are bowled over the decision that suggests they can not freely practice their religion because they’re the target of hate via Islamist extremists — and that the council has used their threat assessment of the threat posed through IS in opposition to it.

The head of the local Jewish community stated the council and the court docket had correctly stifled freedom of religion and rewarded terrorism.
But the council insists it isn’t accountable.


• Germany’s taking BDS particularly seriously, judging from this improvement reported by using the Jerusalem Post: A crook grievance filed towards 3 BDS activists who allegedly launched physical and verbal tirades at MK Aliza Lavie and an Israeli survivor of the Holocaust at a June event in Berlin has been sent to a police department answerable for political extremism, a spokeswoman for the government informed The Jerusalem Post on Saturday.

• Sanity prevails at Frankfurt’s Goethe University, whose pupil council equated BDS with the Nazi boycott of Jewish groups.

• Two Iranian football gamers who play for a Greek group were condemned by Iran’s soccer federation for gambling in a healthy towards an Israeli crew, reviews AP.


Jerusalem• Worth analyzing: David Koren and Ben Avrahami, both advisors on east Jerusalem affairs for the Jerusalem Municipality, take the heartbeat of jap Jerusalem, inspecting Palestinian nationalism, the rise of Islamic spiritual identification, the Temple Mount as a flashpoint, and increasing normalization of ties with Israeli authorities government. Their piece in HaShiloach has lots to bite on, so don’t attempt studying it unexpectedly.

• Palestinian pupil Bassam Tawil has a bone to pick out with the Foreign Press Association in Israel.

• Here’s what else I’m studying nowadays

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