Ukrainian Blogger From “Youn’s Kitchen 2 Reveals

On the second episode of tvN’s “Youn’s Kitchen 2,” Ukrainian blogger Marina Goncharenko and her husband have been restaurant clients.

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After the couple ate and took photos of the eating place and meals, they discovered that the female customer changed into a blogger and requested to interview Yoon Yeo Jung. Marina Goncharenko uploaded pix and blog access in December 2017, approximately her “Youn’s Kitchen” experience. She commented, “I changed into with courtesy advised that they have been filming a Korean television software. The filming became not an element that stopped us from dining.”

She continued, “There had been handiest three main menu items, at the side of snacks and dessert.” The blogger cited, “All employees were Korean, but there weren’t any props or indoor designs in the eating place that seemed Korean.”

Marina Goncharenko also shared her interview with Yoon Yeo Jung, in which she revealed extra about herself and the show. The actress explained, “I am genuinely not a chef but a Korean actress. All of the personnel are actors. This undertaking is to expose how we offer to provide and prepare dinner in a restaurant in an overseas vicinity and how we address problems.” She additionally stated that this was the second season after the hit run of the first season in Bali.

The blogger wrote that she was shocked after searching for Yoon Yeo Jung’s call on the internet. She stated, “She became a famous actress with 40 years of experience. It changed into memorable how humble and concerned she was. I am satisfied and thankful I was able to meet her.”

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