Virginia adopts computer technology requirements

The Virginia Board of Education voted closing month to grow to be the primary nation to undertake mandatory PC science requirements for all college students. The laptop technological know-how Standards of Learning had been unanimously approved after a prolonged discussion on Nov. 16. They laid out the four key basics of knowledge: laptop literacy, instructional era, digital citizenship, and data generation. Each of those concepts is interwoven into other content regions in most instances. Computer literacy means ensuring pupils know how to use computer systems and packages and may exhibit that using a virtual presentation.


Educational technology applies computer literacy to different subjects, including technological know-how magnificence, using an online report to write a lab report collaboratively. Digital citizenship requirements must help students discover ways to appropriately and correctly use the era, and statistics generation covers the economic applications of computers, such as installing software.

Those basics are similarly broken down into six strands: algorithms and programming, computing systems, cybersecurity, facts and analysis, computing influences, and community and the internet. There are standards damaged for kindergarten via eighth grade and cautioned laptop technological know-how coursework and criteria for a center and excessive school.

For example, an 8th-grader is predicted to identify the effects of hacking or online scams and the ethical and legal issues. The fourth-grade requirements encompass learning to interrupt a problem into “smaller sub-troubles,” similar to the fourth-grade math trend.

There is no difficult timeline for implementing the standards, stated Charles Pyle, spokesman for the county Department of Education, as they’re being worked into curricula and not being examined independently. The kingdom is running on growing sources to assist divisions’ quality in teaching them.

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Officials in Newport News and Hampton stated they might already be taught beyond having a specific laptop science class because the various standards are pass-referenced with other subjects.


“Many of these aspects are alive and well in Newport News curriculum,” said Brian Nichols, leader educational officer for Newport News Public Schools. “When you look at our university-, profession- and citizen-ready abilities, a lot of this is embedded there. We name it statistics literacy, the belief that everything you examine on the net isn’t always authentic; you need to analyze it; it’s all critical now. Just because it’s a Google away doesn’t suggest it’s accurate.”

During Patricia Outlaw’s programming magnificence at Hampton High School on Monday morning, college students labored to program a “Raspberry Pi” PC kit. The small hand-held devices struggled as computers when plugged right into a reveal, mouse, and keyboard. Students typed commands in the programming language Python onto the screen. After troubleshooting and restarting several structures, cameras attached to the laptop device started operating. One by one displays lit up with video feeds as if the students had been attempting to take selfies.

The elegance is a higher-stage kind. This is covered in the new requirements, ways advanced from the directive to ensure kindergartners “will perceive additives of PC structures,” including a keyboard, mouse, desktop PC, laptop PC, pill, and printer. Seth Black, director of the profession and technical education for Hampton City Schools, stated building on one simple capability will assist college students in higher use generation.

“Everybody, if you speak to them, they are saying youngsters these days are so computer-literate and pc-savvy,” Black stated. “They are; they’re great users. That’s a form of the quiet of it, though. So, at various times, they get to that level and get familiar with how to use one unique app or one specific device. Still, they don’t necessarily understand a way to translate those competencies over elsewhere. They might not know the fundamentals of where to shop for something on a computer PC if they’re used to Google Drive all their life. They have ‘Untitled report 8.’ What are you doing? I think there are additives that they need to recognize. They are probably superb word-takers and are thoroughly organized in certain regions. However, they don’t recognize how to translate that to all technologies.”

Computer and Technology Today

The computer performs an essential function in human beings’ everyday existence, especially in painting regions, faculties, or even in a home. The twenty-first century has been the age of many technological improvements to improve human lives. The computer helps them emerge as the extra green of their paintings.

Computer technology in banking:

Technology has made our dwelling smooth and comfortable, for instance, our banking needs. Previously, human beings needed to keep the important facts of their customers manually. But right now, with just one click, they could find all the customers’ records immediately. The clients can learn about their accounts’ transactions by logging in to the bank website. Moreover, it’s far more viable to use for loans online.

Improvements in PC technology:

Computer technology has advanced our lifestyles and fashion a long way. Due to the emergence of the net and era, the world has shrunk to a worldwide village. However, internet development creates new demanding situations like PC troubles and virus threats, and computer technology like antivirus software made it smooth to triumph over these issues.

The computer in the food industry:

The automation and computerization in food processing devices are dealing with many challenges if used near water, catastrophic outcomes on any PC machine. Most food processing gadgets select water-proof computer systems to shield their computer structures from drenching within the production area.

The computer in the medical area:

A hospital is a critical enterprise, and computers control a sanatorium. The health facility’s accounting, payroll, and inventory systems have recently been automated. We can hold the documents of various drug treatments, their distribution and use in distinct wards, and so on—computer usage. Even the sickness may be identified by getting into the signs and symptoms of an affected person. Moreover, diverse automatic devices are utilized in laboratories for distinctive blood assessments, etc.