What a Building Surveyor Looks For When Surveying your House

If you ever decide to sell your home, you need to hire a building surveyor to ensure no building or property defects before you sell your home. A building surveyor will identify certain weaknesses and ensure they get repaired before the house is placed for sale. This means you can sell your property at a higher price rather than have buyers negotiate for a lower value because of certain defects within the home. Once you have decided to sell your home, it is important to make your home as marketable as possible – meaning that it should be clean, hygienic, and free of problems and defects.


Building surveyors have the professional skills and experience to carry out surveys. Surveyors, therefore, will be updated on local and federal laws about buildings and construction and will be able to ensure that the facility follows all the codes and regulations required. Surveyors can also perform any alterations or extensions for building practices. They will ensure that the building has the required permission certificates or exemption from planning permission. This means that a surveyor will be able to ensure that you have the right certification and documentation to sell your home without any legal trouble.

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A surveyor will also be able to help you implement a pre-sale checklist. In this manner, you can identify defects and make the required repairs before the sale. This way, you can make the house more attractive and more comfortable to live in. Though some imperfections may be minor, numerous small defects and problems can create an uncomfortable living experience, resulting in unhappy tenants or your house being listed for a lower price.

When organizing a building survey, you should know that the study will depend on the age and condition of the property. When calling a building surveyor, ensure you know enough about the building and its history to answer all their questions. Suppose you are unsure about the details of your structure. In that case, the first task for the surveyor is to acquaint themselves with the seller/buyer, along with the property in question, and ensure that the client knows the extent of options available.

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