Windows 7 updates stop running as Microsoft

Some Windows 7 users have found that Windows Update has fallen over on their systems, which means they couldn’t obtain any protection patches or other OS updates. So what’s going on right here? Apparently, patches fail to download, and affected customers truly receive an error message whilst strolling Windows Update on their PCs. They are knowledgeable that an ‘unknown error’ has been encountered (helpfully) even as checking for brand new updates, with the error code ‘80248015’.

It’s not clear how many oldsters had been hit with this particular gremlin, but seemingly it is an honest few. According to some customers on the lengthy Microsoft guide forum thread concerning this trouble (and some tech sites, which include Ghacks), the hassle is an expired Windows record (inside the AuthCabs directory) that went obsolete on December 3.

Needless to say, Microsoft shouldn’t have allowed that to occur. However, the date-related element means an easy fudge to get around the trouble: surely wind your gadget date returned to before December three. Windows 7 will then see the document as legitimate again, and then replace method will paintings luckily.

That stated, today’s posts (within the previous few hours) on the aforementioned Microsoft forum claim that the hassle has been resolved via the software program large. The expired file gets refreshed while checking for updates, and the process is now running successfully.

There’s been no reliable declaration or acknowledgment from Microsoft yet, though, so your mileage may want to vary – but we’d hope that a fix would have been speedy applied. If you’ve been having issues with Windows Update for your Windows 7 PC, we will propose you run it once more now and preserve your hands crossed that the mistake has indeed disappeared.

Windows pain

This definitely looks as if a strange element for Microsoft to have neglected. Also, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the organization is taking its eye off the ball wherein its older (however still officially supported) working structures are concerned. Not handiest have we had this Windows 7 glitch; however, some months again, Windows eight also became hit with the aid of an unpleasant worm that prevented a few customers from logging onto their PC with a Microsoft account.


All of which could make for an awesome argument to improve to Windows 10. And certainly, the OS conspiracy theorists available are (certainly) satisfied that Microsoft is purposely letting matters slip with Windows 7/8 to cajole oldsters into upgrading to its latest platform. While certainly, that isn’t the case, these incidents do show a stressful loss of attention to an element from Microsoft. Let’s now not forget that Windows 7 continues to be the most-used laptop running gadget accessible.

If you come across Windows 7 stalling or freezing while using your PC, then it is probably because of a complicated piece of hardware. This problem can also be traced to inner and outside problems, including wrong drivers on your pc and errors in Windows. To efficiently repair such troubles, it is endorsed which you analyze the in all likelihood origins of it to your PC, then restore the one’s problem/s, which can be inflicting Windows 7 to freeze up.

What Causes Windows 7 Freezes?

There are diverse reasons why Windows 7 might also stall, including your PC having previous drivers, your laptop cannot read the files it needs to load a selected application, and even settings troubles in Windows. Here are the particular reasons for problems with your PC:

Windows will now not be capable of examining the files that it calls for to run
Your PC will have packages which can be causing problems
Windows will now not be updated sufficiently to cope with your requests
One of the things that you want to remember while you hold seeing this mistake on your PC is whether or not the software program you are using is strolling successfully. You also need to check and spot any errors or issues in the options and settings of your pc. This tutorial will train you on the diverse approaches to restoring this not unusual commuting hassle.

How To Stop Windows 7 Freezes

The first element you can check out doing if you have this problem is reinstalling this system. This is causing Windows 7 to freeze. First, click on Start, then choose Control Panel. Next select Add/Remove Programs, then discover the “elaborate” application. After that, click on the Remove tab beside the application. After the program has been eliminated, load a new or updated model lower back onto your PC. Another factor that is worth attempting is to replace Windows. You can try this by going on Start, then choose All Programs again.

This time, select Windows Update and comply with the prompts. One different approach to resolving this difficulty is to test the compatibility of Windows 7 with your drivers. You can do that using clicking on Start first, accompanied by the Control Panel’s aid, then Device Manager. Next, please take a look at any object that has a yellow or red icon in it. If you locate one, you then want to update that motive force. An easy manner of doing this is to use a tool known as Driver Robot.

The registry will even cause Windows 7 to freeze loads as properly. The primary feature of this part of your PC is to safely save all settings and documents that Windows uses for its operation. It goes without pronouncing that without the registry, your computer might be really vain. However, the registry does be afflicted by a variety of layout flaws, which encompass the likes of your PC saving some of the documents incorrectly, in addition to now not being able to find the settings which it calls for to run.

As a result, its files and settings get damaged and, without difficulty, broken. Should such matters happen, programs would now not be examined efficaciously for your machine, resulting in your experiencing complications including Windows 7 freezing? To restore troubles on your registry, you want to use a registry purifier, which’s software that could quickly test and connect your registry of mistakes.