WordPress used for over 60 percent of pinnacle-a hundred Inc. web sites

A couple months ago, an advertising representative to a first-rate regulation company pooh-poohed my concept on Facebook that he keep in mind WordPress for the regulation firm’s digital publishing desires.

He called WordPress simplistic publishing software program used handiest for blogs that’s inherently insecure and inappropriate for a chief regulation firm.

Properly, according to Nelson software, 62 percentage of the one hundred speedy developing groups within the United states of America (@inc5000) are the use of WordPress to power their websites. That is up extra than 20 percent from only a 12 months ago.

We’re speak Well past do it yourself right here. Whether or not blog, website or application we’re speaking about sites evolved through skilled WordPress builders versus something set up with WordPress off the shelf.

From Marie Dodson (@Mdodson12) of Torque Magazine, my supply:

From e-commerce and apps to business web sites, non-public blogs and beyond, WordPress powers on-line reviews for startups and agency companies alike.


It’s quite clean that WordPress has in many approaches damaged freed from the “just for blogging” stereotype, which may be seen through the reality that 27 percent of all web sites use the CMS to strength their websites.

Even as WordPress continues to be the main preference for bloggers, it also ends up the answer of choice for brands like Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, Nikon, NASA, and more.In latest years, open source has taken the internet by using storm. In fact, businesses like Microsoft, Google, Tesla, and even American authorities have embraced open source as part of their virtual practices.
Perhaps the largest cause for WordPress’s increase is the truth that it’s open-supply software program. Per Dodson:

[O]pen-supply foundation has located it at the 5bf1289bdb38b4a57d54c435c7e4aa1c in terms of innovation. As an instance, whilst Google Glass launched in 2014, the very subsequent day there had been plugins already available, which enabled users to leverage and combine the brand new era with their websites.

Examine this to proprietary or closed solutions, wherein this system is frequently lengthy and grueling. Open supply software is extra customizable, scalable and agile, which is priceless in today’s era where groups need to move quicker to live aggressively.

Open-supply software program benefits from the collective know-how and collaborative paintings of over one hundred thousand builders worldwide, within the case, if WordPress. Proprietary software can truely no longer maintain up with the rate of enhancements being completed of open-supply.