Cortana apps for iOS and Android get a brand new appearance, eventually, arrive in United kingdom

Microsoft is making its Cortana virtual assistant available via Android and iOS apps in the United Kingdom. The Cortana iOS and Android apps were released in the US and China exactly twelve months ago, but the Uk model has a new simplified appearance and experience.

The app’s concept is to increase the use of Cortana from Home Windows 10 Desktops to smartphones. As Microsoft has hugely scaled back its plans to make smartphones walking Windows Telephone, that means trying to persuade iOS and Android users to get on board. Both those operating systems already have their very own voice-powered digital assistants.

Users of the Cortana app can, for instance, set a reminder on their computer and get it on their mobile phone, or obtain overlooked name alerts on a Windows 10 Computer and get Cortana to send a text returned letting the caller recognize you’ll name them later.

Cortana can also look for records; for instance, with the Android app open, announcing ‘Hiya Cortana’ allows you to invite questions. This option won’t be to be had within the iOS model. Microsoft said the Cortana Android app will be had now, with the iOS app landing within the App Store “in some weeks.” STI apps may additionally have faulty, dangerous statistics.

Cortana apps

(Reuters Fitness) – Of nearly 90 cellular smartphone apps focusing on sexually transmitted infections (STIs), approximately a third had erroneous and incomplete facts in a current take a look at. This enormous variant in content and satisfactory and scientific advice should lead to sexual Fitness risks for folks looking for answers online before speaking to a physician.

“Because of the stigmatized nature of STIs, apps could be a brilliant medium for supplying correct records to the ones most at risk,” said lead creator Jo Gibbs of the University College London Department of Infection and Population Fitness in the United Kingdom.

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“However, there’s very little steerage to be had for the consumer to assess the accuracy and satisfaction of records provided by way of apps and to become aware of and distinguish those that are possible to provide legitimate, truthful content material,” she instructed Reuters Health.

In September 2014, the studies team seemed on Google Play and iTunes for STI and genital Infection apps that featured information about testing, prognosis, and remedy. They analyzed 87 apps to see if they met the nineteen Fitness on the Internet Foundation standards, which require Health apps to encompass clinical qualifications, confidentiality, cited records, and get in touch with data.

The group also compared diagnosis and treatment statistics to what’s offered on the UK Countrywide Fitness Provider’s STI internet site Try Updates. Approximately 29 percent of apps met greater than six Health Net standards, and content material varied broadly. Roughly 39 percent, or 34 of 87 apps, protected one or two infections of gonorrhea and genital warts, and forty-six percent blanketed multiple STIs. Five apps centered on STI trying out especially.

Importantly, thirteen apps were completely correct, 46 were usually right, and 28 were in part right, according to the researcher’s file in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections. Of the 87 apps examined, 25 contained multiple pieces of doubtlessly harmful records, for example, “certain medicinal herbs can also be useful in developing a robust immune response towards HSV in non-inflamed companions,” or recommendation that getting treatment for genital warts will cause “a completely terrible time” and “will shatter your relationships.”

Apps that have been had on each iOS and Android Phone were more accurate than single-platform apps. Overall, the best app provided completely precise information about chlamydia, the most common STI within the Uk. No apps contained documentation or citations.

Destiny’s research could display how plenty has changed with STI app availability and accuracy because of the 2014 Gibbs mentioned. “As with all overviews of apps, there may be a lag between conducting the overview and the published outcomes,” she stated. “The landscape may have changed for the duration of this time.”