Five Ways to Turn Your Old Android Phone Into a Brand New Gadget

With new telephones pouring out every week, Android handsets go out of fashion very quickly. Even though these Android “old” telephones work satisfactorily, many customers decide to desert these gadgets due to the shortage of assistance regarding software updates. After shopping for a brand new smartphone, most Ways of people sell off the vintage handset.

A few human beings do not need to do this, but – there may be several non-public facts on our telephones, and also, you won’t experience relaxed promoting it to a person else. Although it’s possible to wipe your Android smartphone soundly, many humans emerge as leaving the vintage cellphone mendacity in a drawer somewhere. As an alternative, right here are a few cool ideas on things you could use your vintage cellphone for, alternatively, with the proper apps.

1) Automobile dashcam

If you own an Automobile and feature a phone to spare, you can set up your very own sprint cam. The first thing you need is a cell phone cradle. We recommend you cross for a suction cup window stand as that provides a better view. This one has quite a few advantageous rankings and critiques, but there is a wide variety available on the market, starting from just more than one hundred greenbacks.

Now install one of the many dashcam apps to be had within the marketplace. We’ve examined and found popular ones consisting of Car DVR and GPS, which comes with 2GB of free cloud storage, and additionally has augmented truth GPS navigation, or AutoGuard sprint Cam, which helps you to record from the front and rear cameras on the identical time. You can additionally see navigation statistics and soar to a region on the map and notice the video recorded in that area.

A number of those capabilities (together with navigation simultaneously as a recording) are locked to the Seasoned model. However, even the unfastened features are quite beneficial. One element to notice with this app is that older videos are routinely deleted to the store area. If you want to maintain a video for any motive, you need to access Sci Burg manually.

2) Timelapse

Time-lapse is a picture method that shoots few frames in keeping with an hour to days – which isn’t always something that you may tie up your primary cell phone for. These frames, captured for days when played lower back at an ordinary velocity of 30 fps, speed up the actual life events and can be fascinating to watch. This calls for a camera to be targeted on a particular factor for days.

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In place of tying up your cell phone or putting in a DSLR on a tripod, the use of an antique cell phone loaded with a terrific time-lapse app consisting of Lapse It is ideal for checking your innovative aspect.

3) Scientific research

That is possibly the noblest use of your antique Android tool. With the aid of installing the BOINC app, you can be part of the gang-sourced computing initiative that powers complicated Clinical studies. You could share your cellular tool’s computing power for numerous tasks, including fighting diseases, gravitational wave detector, and SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence). You never realize that your awful telephone might also one day store the arena.


4) Digital image body

The frenzy for pills dried up a few years ago, and the majority realized that they do not sincerely use those devices. If you’re reading this, then there’s a great risk which you’ve got a 3 or four-year vintage Android tablet that is just accumulating dust in a cupboard someplace. Flip it into an image body with simply multiple easy steps.

First, order a tablet stand from Amazon that may be as reasonably priced as Rs one hundred – here’s a graceful looking one. Next, install the Digital top photograph frame app. We’ve got had top enjoyment with SendFrame on iOS, which’s a paid app. On Android, you may check out image Frames, which are free but ad-supported. Step 3 – set it up, join it to an energy source so that you don’t have to worry approximately the battery anymore, and that is it, you’re achieved.

5) Media player

You may Turn your tablet right into a dedicated media participant that plays first-rate together with your Television and tune gadget. Load up your collection on a tablet, and you’re top to go. Use any of the Famous apps consisting of VLC, MX participant, Kodi, or some other app.

You can additionally install Netflix, Hotstar, and Amazon Top Video for the proper degree. You can also connect many phones to your Tv using an MHL to HDMI cable, so it could be left tethered on your Tv, something you would not do together with your primary phone.

Do you’ve got some other ideas about activities with your Android phone? Let us recognize via the comments. Though he primarily writes approximately gadgets, Ajinkya Choir prefers things that guzzle fuel extra than going for walks on lithium-ion batteries. He’s a functions creator at Couponraja. In

5 Pointers to Boost Your Android Phone’s Performance

If you’re deliberating converting your android telephone most effective because it isn’t always as rapid as it was once, think again. The outdated specs do play the run game. However, some tweaks can get matters back to regular. In this short manual, I’m going to describe 5 Pointers to creating your telephone snappier than it turned into ever before.

Tip 1: In no way flush Cached Statistics

Numerous specialists inform you to ease up the cache of your Telephone often. However, there is a purpose why cached Records resides in your Smartphone. It permits quick access to the programs you frequently use. Whilst you put off the cached Facts, android loads an app from your Phone’s garage area, which leads to a sluggish launching of the app. So, in an try to pack up your cell phone, you can come to be doing the opposite.

Tip 2: Uninstall Vain applications

It is higher to uninstall the one’s apps you hardly ever use to refrain them from running inside the history and using the telephone’s memory (RAM).

To look at the listing of set up apps and to uninstall them, observe those steps:

Settings < Apps < See the list of Apps in ‘Downloaded’ tab < Choose any App < Uninstall

Tip 3: Disable Animations

You ought to have noticed a few transition outcomes whilst a pop-up appears or When you circulate from side to side in your android Telephone. Those animations additionally devour RAM. If your Phone is sluggish, you are better off disabling such effects.

You want first to set off the developer options, and to achieve this, go to the Phone’s settings, Choose “Approximately Cellphone,” visit “Build quantity,” and tap on it 7 instances. Android will make you a developer (simplest path ever, proper?).

Now, press the “again” button and tap to open “Developer alternatives.” inside the Drawing phase of “Developer Options,” you’ll find “Window animation scale,” “Transition animation scale,” and “Animator animation scale”. You may choose all 3 of them one at a time and turn off their animation effect. Although the transitions will now not be as aesthetic as they were, you may be aware of improving your Smartphone’s Overall performance.

Tip 4: Disable Pre-loaded apps

If your Telephone is an android and not a nexus, its producer may have surpassed some Vain apps that you don’t use but can’t uninstall. Not trouble! You could continually disable such apps. To try this, lengthy press any pre-loaded app and drag it to the “App information” icon on the home screen; then, faucet on “Disable.” Even though the app will remain to occupy the garage space, it’ll, as a minimum, no longer run inside the historical past.

Tip 5: Ship Documents to Cloud

If your Phone gallery takes all time to open, you want to find a new area to save your video and image Documents safely. You may download “Google drive,” or “Dropbox,” or some other cloud provider on your smartphone and Ship your Files to the cloud. It’s going to now not handiest allows you to release a few garage spaces however additionally permit you to access your images and videos from another phone or Pc. These five Pointers may additionally persuade you to hold your exact old android friend for a minimum of some time to return.