Jennifer Lopez Has A Doppelganger

Remember returned whilst Vancouver-based fitness vlogger Navpreet Banga’s uncanny resemblance to actor Priyanka Chopra took over the Internet? Well, there may be a brand new doppelganger on the scene, and this time too, the net global cannot preserve calm and carry on. Meet Instagram user ‘Jay from Houston’ who in her personal phrase is ‘The Girl Who Is Breakin The Internet,’ all thanks to her resemblance to singing sensation Jennifer Lopez.


No, hard as it could experience to consider, it’s no longer Jenny From The Block, however ‘Jay From Houston.’ Now Insta-famous, Janice Garay is really a fitness and health enthusiast who enjoys over 1.4 lakh fans on the image-sharing app. Her snapshots on Instagram are packed with comments approximately how she bears a hanging resemblance to JLO. “So what you men are telling me is that everybody has a twin, and JLo takes place to be mine? I’ll take it!” she published on Instagram together with this picture. Twinning and the way, right?! Ms. Garay, in reality, don’t thoughts being called the singer’s twin. “She is my idol. She’s any individual that I seemed as much as because I became a bit female. It is flattering,” she advised abc13.Com.

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“Yoseemms so just like @jlo,” says one Instagram consumer on the images. “Wow, it’s crazy how much you look like Jennifer Lopez! Beautiful!” says any other.

“I suppose JLo might be satisfied to fulfill you. She ought to use you as double,” remarks an Instagram person. “I virtually idea or had been @jlo,” feedback another.

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Jennifer Lopez

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