Tips for Women Traveling Solo, From Dining Out to Hotel Safety

Suzanne Randolph, 60, is aware of firsthand that it could be daunting for women to journey on their personal. In her extra than two a long time of common solo journey, Ms. Randolph, a former artwork adviser, says she has encountered her truthful proportion of demanding situations. “Finding a place to consume and getting plugged into the local scene of your destination isn’t smooth while you’re alone,” she stated.

Her new task, a membership club known as the Alix Experience, addresses the lack of resources for solo girl vacationers and is currently to be had in New York City and London, with Paris and San Francisco debuting q4. For an annual fee, ranging from $750 to $2,000 in line with city, relying on the extent of service, girls have access to a concierge group of workers that assist them all through their journeys; the body of workers shows welcoming eating places and could assist travelers book services inclusive of yoga training and manicures. The Alix Experience additionally offers girls travelers the danger to hook up with each other for the duration of activities like wine tastings and art gallery tours.

Below are edited excerpts from a verbal exchange with Ms. Randolph.


Q: You say that the idea for the Alix Experience become inspired by your own solo travels. How?

A: No remember what city I become in, it became tough to discover an area to eat by myself. A lot of famous eating places weren’t necessarily inviting. In Paris, for instance, I consider going to a French seafood eating place, in which I had awful service, and most of the diners stared at me.

Beyond eating, it changed into additionally difficult finding where to get my hair executed early in the morning when maximum salons are closed or wherein I may want to take a fantastic spin or Pilates elegance.

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Can’t an inn concierge assist with those wishes?

Hotel concierges are fantastic, however, they often have set relationships with eating places and other provider companies, that could influence their suggestions. The local Alix concierge doesn’t play favorites. Our hints are primarily based on blind trials the usage of our very own cash.

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Also, not like a hotel concierge, we host activities for our participants. Our occasion in April in New York, for instance, become a private tour of the Whitney Biennial with an art curator, followed by means of cocktails at Untitled, the museum’s eating place.

How are the desires of girl vacationers unique from the ones of guys?

I find that ladies want options to dining at their lodge.


They also feel more of a need to preserve private routines including their yoga training or manicures.

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What styles of resorts ought to solo woman vacationers look for when it comes to safety?

They ought to choose a smaller boutique belongings in which they are regarded by the group of workers because in larger homes, they may be nameless, and the experience of protection and personalization isn’t as robust. Also, that lodge should be near proper public transportation because you want to be in a place that’s busy, not far off.

Are there positive cities you think are more acceptable to solo lady vacationers?

New York, London, San Francisco, Amsterdam, and Paris would top my listing. They are all walkable, which is high-quality because it’s smooth to get around and take the sights.

Also, they may be cities with overdue-night activities together with theater in New York and London and museums in Paris like Palais de Tokyo, that is open until midnight. With options to entertain your self at night time, you could have a totally complete day and by no means experience alone.

Any hints for eating by myself at a high-give up restaurant?

Some restaurants have stunning bar areas — an amazing choice for individuals who need to have an elegant meal out.

But if you don’t want to devour at the bar and need the total pomp and situation, pass for it. I’ve regularly long past to excessive-give up eating places while traveling due to the fact I honestly wanted to try the food. The personnel will choose up for your hobby and commonly reply with warm temperature and further attention. When I became at a restaurant in Düsseldorf remaining year, the proprietor turned into so welcoming that he even had a glass of Champagne with me.

What’s the quality part of traveling without each person else?

You set your personal pace because there’s no negotiating with some other tourist. Women — I blanketed — frequently have anxiety approximately hitting the street solo, but when they certainly do it, they’ll be

So why use assertive communication?

All of us use assertive behavior at times… quite often when we feel vulnerable or unsure of ourselves we may resort to submissive, manipulative or aggressive behavior.

Yet being trained in assertive communication actually increases the appropriate use of this sort of behavior. It enables us to swap old behavior patterns for a more positive approach to life. I’ve found that changing my response to others (be they work colleagues, clients or even my own family) can be exciting and stimulating.

The advantages of assertive communication

There are many advantages of Solo assertive  Traveling communication, most Hotel  notably these:


  • It helps us feel good about ourselves and others
  • It leads to the development of mutual respect with others
  • It increases our self-esteem
  • It helps us achieve our goals
  • It minimizes hurting and alienating other people
  • It reduces anxiety
  • It protects us from being taken advantage of by others
  • It enables us to make decisions and free choices in life
  • It enables us to express, both verbally and non-verbally, a wide range of feelings and thoughts, both positive and negative

There are, of course, disadvantages…

Disadvantages of assertive communication

Others may not approve of this style of communication, or may not approve of the views you express. Also, having a healthy regard for another person’s rights means that you won’t always get what YOU want. You may also find out that you were wrong about a viewpoint that you held. But most importantly, as mentioned earlier, it involves the risk that others may not understand and therefore not accept this style of communication.