Types of Window Films for Your Home

Are you looking for a pocket-friendly and effective way to improve the privacy and beauty of your home?

Then window film is the answer! Window film can save a huge amount of heating and cooling costs. It can also increase the privacy of your home without blocking the natural light that otherwise, curtains can do. Getting a window film installed in your home can prevent your home from many dangers. There are several window films available in the market that you can get installed in your home. Window films consist of thin film, which is made of polyester layers. These layers are only a few millimeters thick when combined. Depending on the purpose, different types of window films are manufactured differently. To fix the film, a special kind of adhesive is used.

Now let us discuss different types of window films that you can get installed in your home –

1. Solar Control Film –

It is very clear from the name that solar control film is used to protect your home from harmful UV rays of the sun by blocking them. Otherwise, UV rays can fade the brightness of your interior decor pieces. Thus, the solar control film protects the furniture of your home. Also, it can increase the energy efficiency of your place. Natural sunlight is not entirely blocked; only the harmful ultraviolet rays are prevented from entering your house. It is beneficial throughout the year as only the right amount of sunlight enters your home. You might be unaware that Solar Control Films are also known as Low-E film.

window films

2. Security film –

Security films are designed and tinted in such a way that it prevents intruders from invading in your house. The film holds the glass together if broken and thus makes it impossible for thieves to smash in. Moreover, they can’t even peep into your home due to the presence of a security film. It is also advantageous in an accident as the glass does not explode and remain attached to the film, thus preventing you from any injury.

3. Decorative Film –

In addition to privacy, you can also get an attractive design or scenery on the window film. Such kinds of films are called decorative films. These are the thinnest of all. Dream of any design or texture and get it designed on the decorative window film. It holds the power to increase the aesthetic appeal of the home.

4. Anti-Graffiti Film –

Anti-graffiti window films are fitted to the exterior of windows to resist paint and fence graffiti. The paint can easily be removed from the film without harming it. Also, the damage done because of scratching is absorbed by the film and is not permitted to pass to the surface that is under the film.