Scotland’s papers: Couple ‘killed each other

There are many differences between cats and other animals. All felines, from big wild cats to domestic small cats, have common features. Scientists claim that the cat evolved about 40 million years ago from an animal similar to weasels. To make a comparison, the human Erectus, the first human being, evolved approximately 1 8 million years ago.

The first domesticated cats are attributed to early Egyptians living in the Upper Egypt area of the Nile. These first domestic cats were valued because they chased and killed small rodents and snakes. These pest animals constantly damaged the grain, which was the main food source of Egyptians. Cats were an effective way for them to deal with these pests, so people kept them around.

As humans and cats got to know each other and their fear disappeared, a stronger and closer relationship developed. The Egyptian people were amazed by the cat’s agility and physical and hunting abilities. On the other side, cats enjoyed a safe shelter and received food from people. In addition, Egyptians were fascinated by the cat’s ability to see when it’s dark and flexibly escape dangers. Cats’ typical indifferent behavior also contributed to their elevated status.

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The high position of cats allowed them to travel up and down the Nile River on grain ships. Their presence on ships protected the grain from animals like mice, rats, and other small rodents. Under these favorable conditions, cats multiplied and spread through the whole Nile region.

Cats’ abilities and values allowed them to be raised as high as royal members. Soon, it became illegal to harm and kill cats. Egyptian people started calling cats Mau as this word resembles the meow sound. Later on, this name was replaced by the word Urchat. A Cat goddess known as Pasht (similar to puss and pussy) was soon created, and Egyptians worshiped it. The modern cat names we use nowadays have developed from the old Egyptian names.

Romans continued cats’ domestication because they also valued felines for their hunting abilities. This allowed cats to spread across the Roman Empire. The fall of Rome marked the beginning of a tough time for kitties. Cats, especially black ones, were regarded as evil creations and associated with witchcraft. Thus, they were persecuted and killed.

According to historians, cats were quickly domesticated because of their ability to eliminate pests, physical flexibility, and special behavior. Cats are typically completely independent but can also live in families and groups. While dogs need to be with people and require attention from people, cats can perfectly do it alone. Felines are animals that don’t need special emotional closeness or approval.


The cats we know today and have as paper pets possess a Couple of the characteristics of their ancient ancestors. Some people don’t like feline behavior and prefer dog pets. However, some individuals value the cat’s independence and demeanor and are happy to have such a pet at home. Cat and dog owners completely differ in their individuality because they love other characteristics.

It is not easy to train cats, but it is possible. There are cat shows where you can see amazing tricks performed by felines. You can instruct your kitten to follow basic commands and to come when called by name. Many experts believe cats are trainable if they want to do this, and cat owners can’t take their pets to do something against their will.

Another difference between cats and other animals is their agility, balance, and strength. Felines can jump three times their height – something humans can’t do. You may have heard the old saying that a cat has nine lives. This saying comes from the cat’s ability to avoid various physical harms. So, it is not surprising that felines can often escape from different disasters unharmed.

Cats are unique because of their ability to see at night, physical strength and flexibility, and disability. Cats don’t pretend that they don’t care. The truth is that they don’t care. You may not like such indifferent behavior, but Feline doesn’t care about this, too, so you better accept it.

A couple observed useless at home in Aberdeen killed every other in a fatal very last row, writes The Scottish Sun. The paper says Karen Flett, 57, and their husband William, 56 – who have been married for 37 years – both suffered knife wounds inside the brawl in July. Like many of Tuesday’s front pages, the I newspaper focuses on Brexit. Theresa May will press Britain into a temporary customs address to the European Union in 2019 to avoid the chaos after Brexit. Ministers start to apply their technique to historic withdrawal talks and review the paper. The Times claims that Chancellor Philip Hammond has gained a cabinet conflict for a commercial enterprise-pleasant Brexit transition that could make Britain unable to strike free-alternate offers for years after it has left the European Union.

In different information, the Home Office has been pressured to back down from nearly 13,000 immigration appeals over the past five years, in step with figures received by way of The National via Freedom of Information legislation.
Under the headline Wanted: 500 Teachers To Fill Posts in Scotland’s Schools, The Herald writes that councils dealing with a number of the maximum acute shortages include Aberdeen; in Scotland’s Schools, the Herald reports that councils coping with a number of the top critical needs include Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, and Moray, at the same time as Glasgow and Edinburgh also have big numbers of unfilled vacancies.

The Scotsman says that Catholic Church leaders are to preserve talks with the Scottish authorities amid escalating concerns about the extent of nonsecular hate crimes in Scotland. The decision to silence Big Ben in London for four years is “absolutely bonkers,” according to a senior MP quoted in The Telegraph. It comes as a £29m preservation begins at the Elizabeth Tower, wherein Big Ben is housed.

Millions of rail users will find out this morning how much they’ll pay in the next 12 months whil while cars screen the modern-day inflation figures. The Daily Mail predicts commuters will face the best rail fare hike in five years. Ryanair is looking for airports to restrict holidaymakers’ alcoholic beverages by banning them before

beverages by way of denying them before 10 am and giving a drink limit after research determined that drunken passenger arrests extended by 50%, says the Daily Express. A teen on bail for two sex attacks lured a sufferer to a deserted park with a Facebook fraud, writes the Daily Record. The paper says that 19-year-antique Kyle Laing posed as a female referred to as Iona and set up a meeting with his sufferer, who changed into advertising clothes for sale. Sprint legend Usain Bolt put his World Athletics heartbreak at the back of him with a £15,000 “bubbly boozefest,” claims the Daily Star.