Things I Didn’t Know About Bangkok


Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is one of Asia’s most vibrant and diverse cities. Characterized by warm Thai hospitality and attractions, it is one of the busiest cities in Asia. With this honor come great travel deals in Bangkok for the benefit of travelers. Despite the many attractions in this fantastic city, there are several things I Didn’t Know About Bangkok.

Rainmaker King

A few years ago, rice farmers in Bangkok, Thailand, experienced a severe drought. King, dedicated to helping rural people in Thailand for many years, invented a way to make it rain and filed an international patent. Airplanes are used to dump silver iodide chemicals into clouds in specific ways that are triggered by precipitation. This method was successful.

Etiquette for business travelers

There are also signs for business travelers, which are highly recommended to follow. Work clothes should always be conservative. Men should wear dark suits, while women should wear traditional suits or dresses. Women do not need to wear socks or hats, as Thais judge their clothing and accessories. Visitors should also make sure their shoes are always shiny.

Rich soil favorable for cultivation

Bangkok has rich soil favorable to agriculture, and most people in rural areas live by growing rice in central, northern, and northeastern Thailand. Thailand’s climate is tropical. However, Thailand is developing, and industrialization is taking place, resulting in many people migrating from rural areas to cities.

Bangkok – Thailand is a tolerant and religiously diverse country

About 95% of the Buddhist population practices Theravada. However, when you visit Thailand, you will also see many Indian and Chinese religious influences. Statues and shrines of Brahmins, Hindus, and Taoists can be seen in many places, including Buddhist symbols and Buddha images. This is mainly for historical reasons because many people from various regions settled in Thailand.

Wai is a traditional Thai greeting.

Wai is a traditional Thai greeting given by a person of lower status to someone of higher quality. Thais often use proper names instead of surnames, with the title “Khon” before the word. Khun is a form of speech suitable for both men and women. Visitors should always expect their host and hostess to introduce them to other guests. This lets everyone know your status concerning theirs. This is also who will do the wai and how the head should be bowed.

Ghost dwelling

When you visit Bangkok, Thailand, you can see many miniature houses, almost like dollhouses. But it is not for children to play with. They are made for ghosts. Many Thais still believe in ghosts, which go back to animistic beliefs that existed in Thailand long before Buddhism or other religions arrived. They think every place has its local ghosts, and when humans live there, they have to build a house for the spirits that live there so that they don’t bother and interfere in the family’s affairs. They will even give the ghosts little offerings like soft drinks, a glass of water, flowers, candy, snacks, and cigarettes to keep them happy.

The city is divided into two different halves.

If you are interested in the football game, you should know it has two halves. The same is the case with Bangkok. We can divide this city into two distinct halves, day and night. You may notice a stark contrast in both halves. During the day, the town is just like a business and commercial center where you will find business people and people associated with the industry everywhere. Still, in contrast, the city is quite noisy and lively at night when the neon lights replace the light. I leave you thoroughly entertained. Travel to Bangkok and enhance your lifestyle with the excitement of the city.

Spa culture in Bangkok

Bangkok’s spa culture, in particular, gets a lot of attention from tourists. A traditional Thai massage calms your body and makes you feel completely relaxed and rejuvenated. After a busy day of sightseeing in the sun, there is nothing better than a gentle Thai massage to calm your nerves. From inexpensive yet effective massages, priced at 250 baht at salons like Take Care Beauty, to luxurious boutique packages offered at spas like Coran Boutique, treatments for all budgets and expectations.

Stay away from drugs:

When purchasing Bangkok packages, you will be warned not to engage in any drug smuggling activity. Although it is an illegal and immoral activity, this practice is still followed in quiet lanes. If someone thinks you are naive and tries to drag you into this business, be bold enough to refuse. If you are caught, you will find yourself behind bars. If you don’t get caught, you’ll end up trapped in the evil known as “drug addiction.”

It is the hottest city in the World.

Bangkok is also famous for being the hottest city in the World, which keeps its temperature constant. Therefore, if you visit the city in the summer, you must prepare to stay hydrated. The best time to get flights to Bangkok is in the winter and spring when the temperature is mild and the city is at the peak of its beauty.

Received a famous award

The city was awarded the Best City in the World in 2008 for its travel and leisure aspects. Beat Italy, Florence, Bali, and Indonesia in this competition. The city is also called the “Venice of the East” with its stunning beauty and livability on the water. Flights to Bangkok are the main entry point to reach Angel Town.

Entered the Guinness Book of Records

Bangkok has also had the honor of holding the Guinness World Record for its longest name, as Bangkok is not the full name; It’s just a short abbreviation. His full name is “Krung Thep Mahanakhon Amon Rattanakosin Mahinthara Ayuthaya Mahadlok Fob Nopparat Ratchathani Purium Udomrachaniwet Mahasatan Amun Peman Uwatan Satheth Sakatatiya Witsanokam Prasit”.


These are just some of the fascinating customs and cultures in Thailand. Visitors should observe them to avoid being called rudely. However, Thai people are amiable, and everyone will feel comfortable around them. It is also worth noticing that Cathay Pacific Airlines is the major airline in this region, so if you think of taking your vacation to Bangkok, grab your ticket for a comfortable experience.