Meet Award-Winning Croatian Blogger Ella Dvornik

Meet Award-Winning Croatian Blogger Ella Dvornik

Her father, Dino Dvornik, changed into a big music star inside the place – known as the ‘Croatian King of funk’ – but social media and running a blog that Ella Dvornik is making a call for herself. Ella runs ‘I’m Ella’ – a lifestyle and travel weblog that has won her more than one award – along with quality youth journey blogger and Top 3 way of life blogger in the Uk at the United Kingdom Blog Awards. With nearly 500,000 fanatics on social media (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter), she is one of the few bloggers from Croatia who can make a career out of it. We stuck up together with her.

Hi, Ella. Could you introduce yourself and your weblog?

Hello, each person; my call is Ella. I’m a tour and way of life blogger based totally in London but in the beginning Croatian. I’m 26 years old, and before beginning my weblog, I had no idea what I needed to do except write and travel. I have been blogging for two years now, and it has modified me as a person.

What stimulated you to begin your weblog?

I lived in London with my fiance and had difficulty finding a full-time activity. My fiance traveled for work, and he was the cause of why I started writing about it. In Croatia, blogging became unpopular; it became a huge deal within the Uk. If I pick a topic I’m passionate about, it will constantly be my passion, not my task,.

How could you describe your blogging fashion?

I’m very spontaneous. I don’t genuinely have a blueprint. The most effective trouble I have is that my overseas followers don’t realize that my Croatian fans that I’m not putting my character within the posts, which I’m trying to do now more. I bet my style of writing is extra lifestyle-orientated.

What has been the most difficult second on your blogging adventure so far?

Getting noticed for sure. Many bloggers obtain growing notable content material, and returning to the Top is miles hard. I had to dedicate 24/7 to this so humans would consider at least something about me. Getting the readers is surely the most tough element. You have a huge social media following on Instagram and Facebook – what was the key to this achievement?

Properly on my Fb, I tend to promote myself as someone more in place of my process. I try to connect with human beings following me, entertain them, and present their loyalty. I wanted a private reference to them, so I responded to them; we communicated to them anus comic story plenty Graet New.

I desired a platform full of positivity and enthusiasm as I used to be uninterested in awful information, and so did others. I suppose humans find it irresistible purpose. They surely get a response from me. I don’t schedule my posts; the whole thing is in real time. Instagram, but it is more targeted on my weblog. It has a particular following; I’m looking to parent it out, so I don’t have any recommendations.

How much time do you spend blogging?

Nicely, I try to weblog twice or three times a week, but I don’t have an idea on occasion. I write newspaper columns; additionally, my social takes much of my time. I want to do extra with my weblog, but I can’t travel regularly; I wish I had to!

What do you think is the pleasant method that worked Properly to get more site visitors on your weblog?

Fb groups related to my topic. Many humans seek advice on the journey, so I am energetic on social media. I write about different cities Nicely and collaborate with travel organizations to regularly proportion my content material.

Ella Dvornik

You’ve got a journey weblog, so the apparent query is where your favored vacation spot have you been to thus far?

I wager Bali is one of those locations I recognize the most. It’s far a paradise, and I’d cross here over and over again, but Barcelona is a place I may want to see myself residing in. I like the aggregate of the metropolis and sea, great weather, pleasant people, and extraordinary meals and costs. For me, Barcelona has all of it.

However, What locations you have not visited need to tick off the listing?

Russia, China, Bora Bora, Angkor Wat, Mexico. The listing is going on; I want to peer the whole globe!

Would advice be delivered to those people keen on starting a blog?

Just begin and notice if you want it. You couldn’t win a lottery if you don’t purchase the lottery price tag.

Can you make a living from blogging, and what are your suggestions for creating a weblog to make money?

Blogging is my complete-time activity; however, social media is where the money comes from. Readership may be vital, so you must produce content quickly and inaccurately. It is a good way to make cash from it and make it your job. A lovely element about blogging is that there aren’t any regulations. You are your boss, and people who examine you will like you for you, so my best tip is to be yourself and be enthusiastic about it.

Matters are shifting so fast these days – what do you think running a blog/social media scene will appear to be in 5 years?

Oh, my. I guess every person will have to have tons more fans than they do now. I don’t have any concept. However, I’m scared for destiny, to be honest.

You’re one of Croatia’s main bloggers – are you able to supply some advice to travel bloggers coming to Croatia – what are your Top 5 preferred locations they must check out?

I would genuinely advocate the Istria location. It isn’t always as famous as Split and Dubrovnik, but it has it all if you ask me. Lovely towns, amazing meals, and the sea. It has amazing connections to Italy, and it is a remarkable area. I might no longer rule out the Slavonian area because the towns there are terrific, and there are many records there. Tourism isn’t so massive there, but continental tourism is something I foresee blooming in the future.

Of course, I’d upload a few less popular, inexpensive islands, like Brac or Visor Brijuni. See something different people forget about. TThe places can be nevertheless untouched and exquisite and actual. I would avoid massive tourist points of interest because they’ve misplaced their originality.